Why we're here

Why not invest in the companies you really like?

Industry is essential for the sustainability of economies. Participation in the industry brings added value and balance. Promoting the productivity of factories generates great results withc exponential growth.



One of the fundamental pillars in the creation and development of companies is financing. Bringing short-term liquidity solves problems and promotes the achievement of the general objectives of the companies.



what we do

In Blady Gros we know that

Turning problems into opportunities, we generate results.

Pushing on the potential of things, we make them grow.

Detecting business, we give them visibility and offer to the market what it needs.

Our goal is to

Work the strategy and squeeze out the best of each business

It is the starting point of something big.



Carretera Masía Del Juez Nº 25 46900 Torrente, Valencia. España